Headlights Do Make A difference

Have you noticed that some vehicles headlights are considerably brighter than others? While using bulbs that meet the minimum standard of road safety for night driving, which most vehicles are equipped with. Installing a set of upgrade bulbs can give you a more powerful beam and a better field of view, increasing your vision and ultimately your safety. Premium halogen headlight replacement bulbs provide a beam that illuminates up to 120% further than the minimum requirement. These bulbs are easy to install, you simply plug them in.  So I installed a pair up upgraded lights for my truck I paid $39 and didn’t notice much of a difference. After installing them I read the box completely. They say it provides “Up to *40% increased downroad visibility”. That sounds impressive until you read the fine print: “*compared with worn standard halogen bulbs”. Misleading …I think so. Worn bulbs produce 70%

So for the lights on my car I purchased the GE NIGHTHAWK™ XENON bulbs for about $69, $30 more than the Sylvania halogens that I bought for my truck. Wow what a difference. As you can see in the above photo. They are literally 4 times brighter. Now they have come out with led lights (in terms of lumens are much brighter) that plug right into the existing harnesses they run about $120 but beware as the patterns may not work well with your vehicle and the halogen lights may be better. Basically what it comes down to with LED’s is the differences depends on the car, not the headlight technology.